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I'm Heather: a millennial wife and mama of a toddler with one on the way. I'm a wannabe lifestyle blogger and homesteader living in the Midwest. Just recently, my husband and I sold our big house on a tiny lot in town to move in with my in-laws while we search for our dream homestead within our price range. This blog will document our journey as we search for, find, and build up our dream farm, as well as my journey to developing my skills as a homemaker and homesteader who is growing myself along the way.

I've always been a natural slob who wants to fully embrace homemaking and homesteading. This is a constant struggle against my nature, but I'm on a journey to overcome that and form new habits and curate a home and life I really love and can be proud of. I'm a romantic dreamer at heart, and the thought of a simpler time and life really call to me. I'm sure this will have me facing a lot of harsh reality checks along the way, and I hope to share those with you so that you can learn from my idealistic naivete.

Of course there are many draws to living a more simple life: namely the food! Oh my, I'm excited about the food. There's something amazing about having control over your food supply and being able to cook from scratch delicious and nourishing meals. I'm also excited to embrace a more slow pace of life although I'm prepared for the hard work. I'm excited to home-school when it comes time, and to bring my children up in this way of life.

Along with homesteading and homemaking, I am on a holistic wellness journey that I've backslid on  greatly since having my first baby in 2018. Before getting pregnant, I was diagnosed with gallstones that I was told would only be resolved with a gallbladder removal as it was unlikely I'd be able to manage it by diet because it's "too hard". I chose to take the chance to try to heal myself naturally before resorting to surgery because, well, I'd like to keep all my parts if possible! Simply through diet and supplementation, I was able to manage my gallbladder issues and lost over 50 pounds along the way! Then I got pregnant and fell off the wagon. I'm on a mission to regain my health, live a more natural life, and take charge of mine and my family's health before they become issues.

If I can do this, anyone can! I hope to encourage the modern woman to thrive at home (even though sometimes that isn't a house of your own), all while finding peace, self purpose, and happiness along the way. Because in the end, that's what I want, too. This blog is meant to be my creative outlet where I can share my life. I'm simply a woman who wants to be the best version of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want a welcoming and inviting home. I want to be the best wife and mother I can be. I want to cook yummy and nutritious meals for my family. I want to live a simple and worthwhile life. I want to slow down and really enjoy each day as it comes. All while looking put together as I do it!

While I'm a hopeless romantic, I know this journey will be messy at times. It will be hard and ugly. And it will be wonderful all the while. I hope to share all of this journey: the good, the bad, and the hopeless along with the beautiful, the romantic, and the wonderful. Please grab your own cup of coffee or tea and get cozy as we go on this journey together!

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